Review: Wizzy Gizmo – Who Created Everything?

Review: Wizzy Gizmo – Who Created Everything?

When it comes to teaching a two year old and other younger children about the Creation, it’s safe to say that it can at best be “challenging”. Thankfully, Wizzy Gizmo has created a fun product to make that job a little easier!

I received the book “Who Created Everything” to review. Here are some of the basics.


Explore the wonders of Creation

It all begins when Wizzy Gizmo places the Bible on his incredible Gizmovision invention. The machine whirls and hums, the room begins to vibrate and shake, lights flicker on and off. The invention is surrounded by tiny arcs of electricity, as a sphere of blue-green light emerges and begins to grow bigger and bigger. There is a flash, and then things really begin to happen…

Some features: 

  • 58 pages
  • Covers Genesis chapter One
  • Vocabulary words are highlighted throughout
  • Glossary included
  • Review questions in the back for parents and teachers
  • Retail Price is $12.99

My thoughts:

My sweet two year old has a hard time reading longer stories without pictures. Not too surprising, right? The writing style is still very accessible for younger children, with trying naturally tie in detail with vocabulary or ideas that children might normally question. So while my younger child struggled, I could see it working well for a child a year or two older than her.

What I really loved for my daughter was the audio drama version.


It includes very animated narrators and kid voices complete with songs. When I first downloaded the audio to try out, my daughter happened to be in the room. I hit play just see what it was like, and immediately, my toddler ran over to me to see what was going on. For the next 15 minutes, my extremely active, energetic toddler sat still next to me and listened quietly to the audio, as I turned pages in the book to let her have a visual as we listened.

While the description on Wizzy Gizmo’s website states that the audio is geared towards ages 4-12, it definitely is effective for a larger range than that!

I enjoyed the Wizzy Gizmo products and felt they would be a great addition to a Christian homeschooling curriculum!

You can find Wizzy Gizmo and learn more for yourself on the following media platforms:

The Wizzy Gizmo Website







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