That time I lost a toddler from my body

That time I lost a toddler from my body

Confession time: I have lost 30 pounds in the last four months.

THIRTY. FLIPPING. POUNDS. No joke you guys.

March30lbs(Sorry it’s a bit blurry… Miss Persnickety wasn’t wanting to take a picture today, and this was the best out of 30.)

Do you see that sweet girl with me? Yeah. I apparently was carrying all THAT on my frame, because that is just about what she weighs right now.

Thirty pounds. That sounds like a high number. That was kind of my original goal. At least be back to my pre-kid weight. That was almost too good to hope to be true. I didn’t know if I worked, even for a year, if I could make that happen.

But I did, in a third of the time.

Thirty pounds… The size of my toddler. That just blows my mind. How was that even on my body?!

It’s pretty fitting that those numbers line up right now, because I now weigh what I was pre-kiddos. I am starting to pull shirts out that I haven’t seen in over 3 years because I just couldn’t fit in them. It’s almost better than going shopping outside the house for new clothes! I seriously pulled out a few shirts today that I had hidden away (including the one I am wearing in this picture!) because every time I saw it, I was sad. It reminded me of a body I didn’t think I could ever see again.

All of this doesn’t even compare to how much better I feel. Despite the fact I haven’t touched a caffeinated beverage for four months, and my baby loves to wake up during the night multiple times, I have more energy than ever. We are all eating better, doing more activities outside the house. And when I get frustrated with my own weaknesses, I know I am working harder than ever at overcoming them. This has changed my life, my perspective. Everything I have put in, I have gotten back.

I used primarily 21 Day Fix (based on the research that it takes 21 days to break those bad habits and reinstate healthy ones for eating and working out) and Shakeology for December and January. The second half of February, I played around with a lot of different programs that were available for Beachbody On Demand. Now I working on 21 Day Fix Extreme, which has more difficult workouts, but the eating plan is about the same, just no cheat days. It’s been tough, but I am so proud of myself for being able to keep up!

I’m gearing up for my challenge group for April. If you are ready for change, ready to feel better about yourself, wanting support, motivation, a friend to cheer you on, let me know.

More than anything, know this: You are worth the investment.


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  1. You’ve been doing such an amazing job. I remember you saying that another one of your goals is to be a good example of healthy living for the children as well. With Evelyn joining in on some of your workouts when she doesn’t sleep, and Joshua watching you from his play area when he doesn’t sleep – these habits will be seen by the kids from the beginning.

    I’m so happy that you took the before pictures, because I think often times the week-to-week changes we don’t ‘really’ see, but then after a few months, when we take a step back it really is a big difference.

    It really is great what things you are able to accomplish when you set your mind to them. You rock!

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