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A fun practical joke

A fun practical joke

Sometimes, we just need to have fun.

To be honest, I don’t really like practical jokes. Most of the time, I think they are dumb, lame, or a waste of time. I really get annoyed with April Fool’s day especially. If it’s hurtful or slightly mean, I really don’t want to get involved. I’m more into the type of jokes that make people laugh or smile only.

Today a great situation popped up when we saw a friend’s blog. She and her husband are pretty much the only other couple from church who don’t have human children yet- just the four-legged variety, so we get along fabulously. Her husband decided to go military not too long ago, so that’s become a big part of their life lately. Sandi posted this on her blog, and while Jared and I had dinner tonight, we realized we had some rubber duckies, and it was only 8:30 PM!

So we concocted a plan.

We collected our duckies, some post-it notes (I’m a teacher, so I always have them on hand!), and did us some doorbell ditching. And though normally I don’t condone doorbell ditching, we both agreed that Sandi’s laugh was exactly the reaction we hoped for so it was totally worth it. We even got an honorable mention on her blog. 😉

I wasn’t really having a great day today, but making somebody else laugh by being a little silly definitely helped make me feel better, too!