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And full speed ahead into June!

And full speed ahead into June!

Okay, I know, I know. I need to post more. But with Evie’s FIRST birthday quickly approaching (HOW HAS IT BEEN A WHOLE YEAR?! That sleep deprivation really messes with your head and time), she is getting herself into more trouble than ever and sleeps less than ever, meaning that what little free time I do have is devoted to cleaning the house, cooking, birthday party planning, and maybe a crochet project or two. And really, that works out great because it means that eventually I have a LOT to say.

So, until I have more time to do some decent posts, I’ll let these pictures give you a glimpse of life in our little household, for now.

A little of this outdoor time… (Not a lot, since it’s just too hot!)



And enjoying these:


Picture 7

A LOT of this…


(Really. She already throws a fantastic temper tantrum. Looking forward to those terrible twos everybody seems to be going on and on about.)

Working on our skills:



Making good food:

SAMSUNG(Doesn’t that look so pretty? I am hoping to share one of my favorite recipes here soon…)

We celebrated our favorite daddy in the world!


And these last few projects and pictures all have one thing in common!


2013-06-05 12.38.07

Evie: So wait, you are saying those last few pictures have to do with me?

SAMSUNGOkay then, let me think about what they could be about!

Hope you enjoyed our picture-riffic post today! Hopefully there will be time soon to go into some more detail on all several of these great things we have going on. 🙂

Poultry Update

Poultry Update

Well, today’s been a bad day in the world, and I need something to take my mind off the sorry things that have happened today, though my heart and prayers go out to all that are affected by the tragic events at the Boston Marathon.

I decided it’s been a while since we had a chicken update! They are almost 4 weeks old- how wonderful, right?

SAMSUNG(Hey! You! Yes, you… you know you were missing us, right?)

It has taken us a while to get to know the chickens and their personalities, but everyone has a name now. Fliza was aptly named, as she is a bit flighty but clearly wants to be in the limelight. So unless Fliza turns out to be a guy-sa, I think that will stay her name.

Jared has named his chick Xena. Yes, you got it. As in Xena Warrior Princess. I told him he could name her and that is what he chose, so I will have no further comment on the subject.

The twins I decided to name after the more famous Bronte sisters, Emily and Charlotte. I know they weren’t really twins, but do you know HOW HARD it is to find decent girl twins of literary acclaim?! I settled. And if you are gonna settle, the Bronte sisters aren’t so bad. No Jane Austen, but you get the picture. 😉

Without further ado, here are the chickens at 4 weeks.


Chicken Adventures Begin

Chicken Adventures Begin

For a little while now, Jared and I have been talking about getting chickens. I never thought I’d want to have chickens, but after hearing that one of our neighbors has them, I became curious and did some more research on getting chickens.

After a few attempts where I thought that things weren’t going to work out, but today we went on a little drive and picked up four chicks that are certified pullets (females), meaning that if they turn out to be roosters we can do an exchange. While I know we are allowed chickens, we may not be allowed roosters (the law was a bit confusing- plus I don’t really want to deal with the noise).

We have two Ameracaunas (sometimes called Easter Eggers for their blue/green eggs) and two Plymouth Rocks- Buff and Partridge.

Meet the chickens:


Jared is really fond of the coloration of the Plymouth Rock that I have labeled “his”, so he is in charge of naming her in the next week or two. I named the other Plymouth “Fliza Minnelli.” I couldn’t help it.

Now we need two good names for “The Twins”- our two Ameracaunas. I jokingly suggested “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum” but Jared thought that was degrading to the chickens. (Because the insult “bird brain” came from nowhere, right?)

Any good ideas of literary heroines, particularly twins, that we could give them? We’re open to ideas! 🙂