Mommy moment irony

Mommy moment irony

This afternoon I was sitting with Evelyn in my lap and was reading a book to her on our bed She was so cute I got a picture of her. I decided to send Jared a text with the picture telling him how I have the best job in the world and how I absolutely love staying home with Evie.

The next moment, she simultaneously spits up all over the bed AND has a blowout up the back of her diaper that manages to miss her dress, but gets all over my pants.

In a previous life, I would take that as a sign from the universe to not share how happy I am ever again. I would be pretty upset that I had to do more laundry and have to remake the bed.

As it was, I didn’t mind cleaning up too much.

And I still think I have the best job in the world because I love this little baby girl so incredibly much!

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