The Twisted Snowman

The Twisted Snowman

Okay, so between caring for a sick baby, three dogs, and myself (Jared’s well enough to go to work, so he can take care of himself), I have been slowly trying to get Christmas up around here. Jared and Sarah got the boxes down from the attic before she left on Saturday, and I didn’t want that effort to be in vain just because I was feeling under the weather. Yes. My brain does work that way sometimes. We all have our issues.

Anyways, so we have this cute little snowman guy that we got a year or two ago- I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding it- and I decided to put him by our front entry way.

The only problem is, every time I come down the stairs, or come out of the family room, I see him in my peripheral vision and nearly pee in my pants because I have no idea what a little person is doing standing inside my house! (He’s about the same size as a 3 or 4 year old kid.)

I had this same problem when we had our scarecrows out in front of the house for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

They were just perfectly placed so that when you peeked out the window, you jumped because you wanted to know who was standing there with their backs to you. *Shudder* I watched Jared put them there and it still got me every time until the week of Thanksgiving.

Now it looks so empty there…

Anyways, I guess my only consolation is that maybe, just maybe, if somebody tried to break into our house through the front door, they would be startled by this seemingly innocent snowman with a twisted smile and think twice about coming in.

Something sinister lurks beneath.

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2 Responses

  1. I am glad that I am not the only one who jumps at an innocent doll. We used to have one in our old house in RI and every time I walked by it, I would jump thinking it was a real person. I ended up placing the doll near a window and having it look outside. It was the only way I could keep myself from becoming startled whenever I walked near it.

  2. Ha Ha,I do the same thing with my scarecrows. The Indian dolls that you have in your guest room do the same thing,lol.