Christmas Craft 2: Trees (EASY!)

Christmas Craft 2: Trees (EASY!)

Another Pinterest goody that is super easy- making little Christmas trees with crochet thread.

You will need:

-old cereal boxes/posterboard

-plastic wrap

-crochet thread (white or green, or whatever color you want)

-Tacky or Elmer’s glue/ Starch spray

-buttons (optional)

1. Make a cone or two out of the cereal box or poster board.








I used posterboard because it was more handy for me, and created two different sizes to mix things up a bit!

2. Cover the cones in plastic wrap. This is VERY important. Otherwise you will not find it very easy to separate the thread trees from the cones.

3. Wind thread around your cone!

3A. Put a little glue along the cone to help get the thread to stick while winding it around the cone. Helps things stay in place a little better

3B. Starch or Glue: I felt the glue made it a little sturdier, but that’s just me.

B1. If you use starch, you just wind and wind until you are satisfied with the amount of thread in “tree” form, then spray the whole thing down well with the starch.

B2. If you use glue, you can do it two ways. The neater, nicer way requires you to spread glue along the thread as you wind it. The more time efficient, and slightly messier way (which I did because my patience didn’t allow for the first way) is to wind it up, and then smear glue over the whole thing once you are done. You might have a few “clear” patches of where the glue dries a little thicker, but you can’t really notice it unless you are really looking. In that case, you are being too picky anyways.

4. Let the glue/starch dry on the cones. Walk away for a hour or two and do something else fun.

5. Slide the trees off the cones and carefully pull the plastic wrap off. It should come off pretty easily. If it’s proving pretty difficult to separate the thread and wrap, it’s a good possibility it needs another hour or two to dry.

6. I had some leftover small foam balls in gold from my wreath project that worked perfectly to add to the top of my trees a star. You could also use a gold button or leave it alone, if you wished. You could be done at this point, if you wished.

7. If you want to have more fun, add some buttons! Jared liked the look of a lot of buttons, so I added a few more. For a friend, I made one that was very simple with just a few buttons to keep the simple, contemporary look of the tree.

And there you have it- a simple, fun, and slightly messy Christmas craft.



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