Baby Boots!

Baby Boots!

Have I mentioned before my addiction to all things Pinterest? Only a few times? Here, I’ll mention it again. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE. Now that I’m excited about all things crochet, Pinterest is an unending source of free, cute patterns.

Enter this pattern that I immediately had to have for Evelyn. A PATTERN THAT I COULD FOLLOW WITH PICTURES. Thank you, kind people of the world. Diagrams + pictures + instructions, I can handle that. And Youtube. Thank you all you people who post simple videos for those of us who want to know how to do a half-double crochet and have no clue what that means. You make my day. Or at least the 5 minutes afterwards when I can replicate your video.

Anyways, since Evelyn has tiny feet, but definitely isn’t a newborn anymore, I did the “newborn” pattern, but with a 5.5 hook and thicker yarn. It turned out perfectly- even slightly large for her cute little feet. The hardest decision was what buttons to put on the side of her booties!

I ended up choosing the brown from the first photo, but don’t all of these look so cute? I could make these boots in brown, or white, or black… Evelyn’s going to have all the colors of the rainbow in shoes before she’s 1! Good girl.

Here are some photos of the boots in action! Evelyn seems to like them. 🙂

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