Her Highness the Princess Evelyn

Her Highness the Princess Evelyn

Kaysie, a dear friend since 7th grade (how long ago that was!!!), was so kind as to send Miss Evelyn a princess dress that she made. She should create an Etsy shop or something like that, because the dress is adorable and is great for a 7 month old’s desired range of movement and comfort. Actually, she sent two dresses, but the Belle yellow dress is for when Evie is a bit bigger, so she gets to play Cinderella for now.

Too bad she can’t stand up on her own long enough to practice her sweeping and washing. (JUST KIDDING. Really.)

Her Highness was kind enough to pose nice and smiley long enough for a photo shoot, and I made the most of the pleasantries until she demanded her tea and crumpets be served.

Actually though, she prefers croissants to crumpets. Now you know.

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