Crocheted Converse shoes and Barefoot Sandals

Crocheted Converse shoes and Barefoot Sandals
Crocheted Converse shoes and Barefoot Sandals

When I came across this FREE pattern for crocheted baby Converse-style shoes, I couldn’t help myself. (Thanks again, Pinterest and Ravelry, for feeding my yarn addiction). I just had to make them for Evelyn.

Turns out, they are DARLING.

The first shoe took me a really long time to make. The pattern was really tough to follow and you kind of just had to pay close attention as you went with it. Jared found my frustration amusing, I think, as I may have cursed the creator of this pattern several creative ways under my breath.

By the second shoe I had gotten the maker’s style and was able to complete the shoe much more quickly.

Not too shabby, right? The first shoe probably took me four or five hours to make, but I think I cut the time nearly in half with the second. If I were to do it again, I think it would go even more quickly.

Oh, would you like to see these shoes on my lovely model?

Hmm… Nope. Bonnie photo-bombed, too. Let’s try again:

Huh. Still nope.

Guess it’s harder when the baby learns you can crawl away from the camera. I’ll have to try again sometime when my 8 1/2 month old will hold still long enough for me to take some better pictures of the product.

Another fun (not to mention QUICK and EASY and FREE!) pattern I tried was this barefoot sandal. This style is all the rage in the baby fashion world.

I did make little flowers to attach to the top, but this little girl’s daddy thought

  1. Sandals with no bottoms seem ridiculous.
  2. Sandals with no bottoms and a giant flower on top are even more ridiculous!

I don’t think my eyes can roll far enough back into my head for this major silliness. Just imagine me with my hands on my hips saying, “Men!” in the most exasperated way possible.

I will have you all know that I had at least A DOZEN people stop me and ask about those “Ridiculous” sandals when Evelyn and I went adventuring to Michaels, Target, and the vet on Monday. (AND in case you were wondering, they all LOVED them and wanted to know where I had gotten them, JARED. I still love you even if we disagree on Evelyn’s style.)

Fun times for yarn in this household. I am making some other new stuff that I am excited to share with y’all soon!

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  1. Put the flowers back on. THEN see how many people stop and ask where you got them!! 🙂 Both pairs of shoes are just SO cute. Evelyn is a lucky baby to have such a talented, crafty, and WONDERFUL mommy!

    • Thanks! I will try the flowers next time we do an errand run! 🙂 It was so funny because just the day before her daddy and another father with a daughter near Evie’s age were complaining about the shoes, and to have all the compliments right after just reaffirmed my fashion sense. 😉