She’s cruisin’!

She’s cruisin’!

Since there have been a few requests to capture this on video, and I actually remembered to do it today, I thought I would post this short video of Evie’s crawling adventures for you all.

For your viewing pleasure, everyone:


Enjoy. She’s a cutie!

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The joyous and sometimes odd adventures of a former English teacher and her trusty sidekicks, Jared the Hottie Husband and her two Italian Greyhounds, Stinky Stevie and Bonnie Boo. Recently the adorable baby, Princess Evelyn, has joined the clan to shake things up!

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    • Thanks- I think she’s pretty adorable and special, too! 🙂 (I think she gets the backwards from her dad… apparently he did that, too.)

  1. She is precious, Elisabeth! Can’t believe she’s crawling already! What a big girl!