Google needs…

Google needs…

This is a fun post I saw on my friend Rachel’s site that she stole from somebody else, and now I am completing the stealing cycle! Feel free to steal it from me.

How it works: You google your name, and then the word needs after it. So I googled “Elisabeth needs…” and this is what I came up with:

1. Elisabeth needs a coffee.
I don’t drink coffee. It smells okay in the bookstores, but really, I think if I did end up drinking it, I would be more psycho than I already am!

2. Elisabeth needs a lobotomy.
Ouch! But… hmm…. Do you think that would help with my headaches?

3. Elisabeth needs to have the last word.
Yes, yes I do–but it just so happens to be because I am usually right!

3. Elisabeth needs to go!
This one could be taken in a variety of ways. Like…. do I need to go to the bathroom? Go to the theatre? Go outside? Go away??? I think this one meant the last one… but who knows.

4. Elisabeth needs to wake up and have a severe reality check!
Hmmm. Okay. Time to see my shrink.You know…. most of these are pretty mean. I wonder what Elisabeths have done to get so many angry people at them!

5. Elisabeth needs to move along to something different that fulfills her.
Huh… I thought the teaching thing was going pretty well, myself.

6. Elisabeth needs to email the new excerpts to Mel so she can post them…
Okay. Somebody find me a Mel and some excerpts so she can post them for me!

7. Elisabeth needs to stick to what she knows about: being a Republican and making babies.
Ouch. I am not really a full Republican and I definitely have no intention of having children anytime soon. Thank you.

8. Elisabeth needs ‘cooling off’ time.
After that last comment… well, yes, a little.

9. Elisabeth needs to learn to listen to the views of others rather than presenting the attitude of “I’m always right”.
Okay. Tolerance is always a good thing. I can handle that.

10. Elisabeth needs protection.
I feel threatened now….

( BTW: Most of these were for Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View. Apparently she has A LOT of haters out there. I think it’s a stupid show to begin with… but wow! Poor thing…)

Anyways- Enjoy! Happy googling!

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  1. I think that it is such a funny game. Sometime if you have spare time google Zeke needs. It’s pretty funny.