The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride

This weekend, I have had the pre-school year jitters pretty badly. Two years ago, Jared suggested that we start a tradition of watching a movie or two to help celebrate/distract me from the start of the school year.

So today we’ve watched two movies between the other things we have had to do.

“Chalk” is a funny mockumentary of a few school teachers in Texas. The first time I watched it was during my first year of teaching with another first year teacher. And anybody who has taught can relate to parts of it. So that’s always a fun “school” thing to watch.

The second movie is “The Princess Bride.” Thanks to my father, “The Princess Bride” has been a staple of my movie diet from a very young age. I grew up on this movie. It is the epitome of “classic” for me. I’ve watched it so many times that I can quote whole sections of the movie on command (but only if I feel like it, naturally).

Usually, I get annoyed looks from Jared when I try to quote along. But today he’s been so focused on trying to help get rid of my anxiety that he actually ENCOURAGED me to quote along. And didn’t even roll his eyes with most of the times that I did (or at least, not when I glanced at him).


Sorry. Had to put that in there.

So, knowing that I’ve got my own little slice of true love right here is a happy thought indeed. Buttercup and Wesley don’t got nothin’ on me and my man.

And with that happy thought, it’s about time for bed. Good luck to all my friends who are teachers- have a great year!

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