New phone!

New phone!

Today was a great day. Especially because my new cell phone came in the mail.

Now, Jared and I had the same Nokia “Smart” phone for the past two years. (And trust me: it wasn’t very smart at all. It was lots better than my old flip phone, but just lots of issues.)

I could deal with most of the non-abilities that the phone had, but for the past few months, it had developed one very bad habit. And it kept getting worse and worse. It used to be just once in awhile when I turned my phone on, but got worse quickly. In fact, it started to be so bad that if my phone rang, I didn’t know if I should answer it because I couldn’t see who was calling!

It would look like this:

When really, it should look like this:

Ironically, Jared’s phone never had that problem even though it’s the exact same model.┬áIrritating, no?

I finally figured out the pattern. I noticed that at home (with the great AC we have) the phone was consistently bad. But, if I kept my phone warm (like, in my pocket or outside for any given amount of time since Texas has been SO DANG HOT), then it would work more reliably. Bizarre, and not really that convenient for wearing dresses/skirts sans pockets for work.

So, after hearing me complain about, yell at, and even at times smack my phone, Jared did a lot of research about phones. (Plus, he wasn’t totally in love with his Nokia either, so he wanted to start looking into possibilities for himself as well!). And he spent a lot of time on Ebay and other websites to figure out the best way to spend money on an awesome new phone.

So today, I am retiring that unSmart Nokia for my new Samsung Galaxy S 4G phone. Which is totally awesome for many reasons, including the live wallpaper background that easily entertains me for minutes at a time.

Thanks, Jared, for getting me such an amazing new phone!!!


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