A needed escape…

A needed escape…

As per my last post, I’ve been really down. For a lot of reasons.

So, Jared decided that we could get away from the weekend. And since his work rented out Six Flags Fiesta Texas for today, he thought that might play in perfectly to my need to separate work from the rest of my life.

So I wasn’t able to get any work done, and I needed to be away from anything remotely school related SO badly.

Saturday morning we dropped the dogs off at the boarding place, and then drove to San Antonio, where we stayed in a B&B. We stayed with this particular place before a year ago, and they remembered us, which was cool.

We went out to dinner at Azuca, a rather expensive Caribbean restaurant, but the food was REALLY good. We got a rather wimpy appetizer (you’d think that if you ordered an $8.50 coconut shrimp appetizer, and there are two people, you’d get more than THREE medium sized shrimp!) and so we were worried about the rest of the meal. But out came dinner’s MAIN course:

It looked better in real life, but believe you me, lots of food, and lots of GOOD, very tasty food. I couldn’t finish it!

We then went swimming in the B&B’s lap pool, which was amazing. I loved to swim when I was younger, but just haven’t really been able to do that in a long time. It felt so good just to swim and be in a pool and do the different strokes (and know that I could still do them).

Then after showing so I didn’t smell like chlorine, I went to bed soon afterwards. Jared had to do some church-related work until pretty late, but I couldn’t handle the masks that were visible in the main room/kitchen area:

I mean, what’s not romantic about THIS wall?

Anyways, I was feeling pretty sick for various reasons, so I didn’t sleep very well. So even AFTER Jared came to bed, I was up a lot during the night, which left me a lot of time to ponder about what the heck this might be:

I think it looks kinda like a washed out chili pepper, but Jared said it reminded him of a snail. So I don’t know.

Anyways, this morning after breakfast, we spent the morning at Six Flags. It was awesome because our average wait was like 5 minutes or less, even for the BIG rides like Superman or Poltergiest. But between the 100+ temperature (because Texas still doesn’t realize it’s fall, yet), my headaches getting bad, and the fact that we got all the big rides and some of the small ones too, by 1:00 we were ready to come home.

Which we did.

And even though I have to go back to the real world tomorrow, which I am hating, I know that I have a wonderful husband who goes out of his way to make me happy and will always be there to catch me when I am down, like he did this weekend. Thanks, babe.

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  1. Those are freaky masks!
    Glad you and Jared were able to get away. Praying you are feeling better and that this week will be better for you.