Death Wish?

Death Wish?

Jared swears he doesn’t have a death wish. But I have to disagree. I haven’t been able to figure it out, but I think there’s something genetically ingrained within him that is addicted to adrenaline rushes.

Case in point: In the last post, it was mentioned we traveled afar to go pick up a trailer so Jared could fit four motorcycles on it (for him and three friends) and go to a track day. Anyways, because it was through a certain “program” and there were instructors, Jared could learn valuable skills that could translate not ONLY on a racing track, but on the every-day roads and commuting as well. And since this was for “educational purposes”, I as a teacher should value hands-on practice. (Essentially, he really did say that. I bet you could feel my eyes rolling through this paragraph…)

So, he left me alone last Friday evening to go be an adrenaline junkie with some other adrenaline junkie monkeys, and didn’t return to me until very late on Saturday.

Now, if you talked to him, you would hear him recall the track day like this:

Yes. This is really my husband hanging off his bike in true racing form. But remember,  it wasn’t racing, it was practicing and purely educational, for reals.

But let me show you what happened in the World of Actuality.

 Surprisingly, no Jareds were injured in the low-siding of this vehicle.

Despite all the precautions Jared took, and his great form, for no clear reason, near the end of the day his bike had a nasty low-side/slide (better than a high-side, but still).

To sum it all up into one word: Yup.

There you have it. I am happy to say that Jared is fine, but even though he claims not to have made any head-to-ground contact (and the lack of scraps on his helmet supports this observation), I think he might have jarred his brain just a bit because even though his bike is looking pretty trashed, he is considering fixing it up and continuing to ride it.

However, despite any emotions you might be reading into at a deeper level of this post, I would like to make it clear that I only dislike this sort of thing so much because I DO want to keep him around for a long time! I really do love this man, but his nearly physical desire to put himself into danger without it needing to happen occasionally baffles me.

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  1. I have to agree with what your Aunt Linda said! Glad Jared had a good time and came home to you in one piece.