Heart the Jicama

Heart the Jicama

So, weather in Texas has taken a fairly drastic turn recently. The days of 100+ weather is long gone. And FINALLY, my little garden was producing.

But tonight, we could get down to 26 degrees. Even though I am sicker than a dog, I know that there’s no chance what little has made it this far would make it past tonight. So what do I do? I go outside and start salvaging what’s left.

One of my more adventurous attempts this year was planting jicama. It’s a root vegetable, but has a sweetness to it. One of our friends used to use it in his Indian potlucks- he would make a fabulous salad with a peanut sauce- and it was fabulous. So when I saw it at Home Depot as a starter plant, I figured, “What the heck?”

Note: I planted it back in April. Jicama doesn’t usually get harvested until December. That’s a huge chunk of time before harvesting, so that made me pretty worried. After such a crazy summer, what could I expect when it was all said and done?

After digging it out of the earth and washing the dirt off, this is what I saw:

Feel free to interpret as you will, but I’m interpreting this as a happy sign from the cosmos. 🙂

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