Christmas Craftiness (The good kind!)

Christmas Craftiness (The good kind!)


Two posts in two days! It’s only because I am not feeling well. 🙂 Jared was teasing me yesterday because I had already read so much. He called his mom to chat and told her that I was on my fourth book and had read over a thousand pages and I had only been on break 2 days, and I started to deny it. Then I thought about it and realized that I really couldn’t. lol… I have been doing some binge-comfort reading!

Anyways, Jared and I decided that we would try to budget gifts this year and be more thoughtful and craft-y. I think being crafty is a gene that I didn’t inherit, so I really have to try extra hard to get this sort of thing right, but in the end, I think they sort of look pretty good. These are cookies in a jar!

Jar before

Then I found cute fabric and ribbons and scissors and tada:

Finished Jars

Not too bad, eh? Hopefully they end up tasting pretty good. 🙂 All the dry ingredients for your cookies!

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  1. Everyone at work that has received one absolutely loves it! Mehak said that it is too pretty to actually use and that she’d just look at it.

  2. Your jars are really, really cute and I’m sure the cookies will be good too! See-you ARE crafty! As for how I find time to do it…you just don’t clean house very often!! I’m curious. What do you read for your comfort binge reading of 1000 plus pages!?

  3. hehe… true about cleaning house. Well, I just read a book called “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson for the first time. It’s short and intense; sad but definitely a good read. Then, I went back into old favorites… and especially because over half of my students are addicted, I decided to re-read The Twilight Saga. It’s amazing how it “woke up” some of my students, and it means a lot to them to have a teacher act excited about it with them (even several of my boys!)