Things I found while browsing around…

Things I found while browsing around…

I know there’s things I should be doing that are more productive around the house.

Napping, even, but it’s hard when it’s nearly 100 degrees, you’re in your ninth month of pregnancy, and you have two hot little doggies (one that’s a big ole pathetic sicko) that want to sleep RIGHTTHERE with you. Under a blanket, no less.

So, I’m watching the DIY (Do IT Yourself) channel and browsing the web. Here are some of the awesome things I have found today.

Big Bang Theory Inspired Soft Kitty Mug is such a great time waster. I’d never actually buy most of these items, but it gives you great inspiration. What’s better than Soft Kitty when you aren’t feeling well?

Not a fan of Big Bang Theory (though everyone should be, really)? Maybe these garden gnomes are more your style:

Zombie Garden Gnome, "Walking Dead" (5-6 WEEKS Before delivery)

Please don’t take this as a sign that I actually would want one of these in my own yard… Please. And thank you.

Maybe I just find this funny because my life is about to be ruled by an infant soon. You should probably just admire this whole Etsy store because it’s that great:

Accio Milk Harry Potter Bodysuit (Black) Nintendo onesie Daddy's Little Princess

And this is just a unique twist on your usual dice (or die since they are selling them individually?):

Dice (1 Die) - 3D printed, Steampunk Style, Bronze Finish


And have you ever wondered at the zoo if that animal was really determined, could s/he break the glass? Here’s a determined polar bear to answer that question!

Polar Bear

I guess I like it because of the polar bear’s awesome strength and determination, not necessarily because the glass actually breaks. Just clarifying, in case you thought I was crazy.

(Well, of course you know I’m crazy, but I digress.)

Anything that you find that you like out there? Feel free to attach in comments. Maybe next time I do a post like this, yours will be on there, too! 🙂

**Update/Edit 6-12-2012**

I just came across this today, and thought it was pretty neat (but not deserving of its own blog post).

I’m not normally a lobster fan, unless I’m eating them, but I would totally keep this one as a pet!

A catch straight out of the deep blue sea

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