Getting close!

Getting close!

So today we hit the 38 week mark. Woohoo!

(That announcement couldn’t be complete without accompanying pictures, right?)

Had an interesting trip to the doctor’s office today, where we expected nothing, and then as she was examining me, said, “Wow! Interesting!” (Just what you want to hear in the middle of somebody examining you “down under”. Oh, did I just cross a line admitting that? Too bad. You are reading MY blog, after all.)

After I politely inquired after her reaction, the doctor said I was already at 2 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced (for those who know what that means. If you don’t, I dare you to look up “dilation and effacing” online!). Essentially, it could mean the baby is coming soon, or that she still will take her sweet time and show up in two weeks. So, it actually means WHO THE HECK KNOWS when the baby decides to arrive.

Even more exciting news, the baby’s room is near completion! I’m feeling pretty good about it at this point.

See, this was her room a week and a half ago:

Yeah, scary, I know. Since it was that darker, brownish paint, we definitely had some priming we had to do.

Then, this is what the room looked like about Tuesday:

Painted a lovely shade of Tinkerbell Green, but still no furniture set up and the carpet desperately wanted to be cleaned. (Excuse the awkward angles of the pictures, but in order to get the green coloring to show up true to shade, I had to contrast it with the white ceilings/doors.)

Then, as of yesterday evening, the room had become… this:

Some wall decorations up: Carter Jungle Jill Wall Decals courtesy of my mother…

The wall under the decals with a bookshelf and cedar chest.

A crib all set up (courtesy of the most handsome Jared!) with sheets already washed, and the mobile I PUT TOGETHER BY MYSELF WITHOUT ANY HELP! Also, we took down the remaining decals that we put on the crib in this picture because we weren’t crazy how they looked. (We might try something like this once we decide officially on her name. Could you see that in pink lettering with those cute monkeys?!)

Moving along, you can admire the nightstand, bouncer, cubbies, desk (that will also act as a changing table once we get a changing pad…)

And here you can see the dresser and bookcase, mainly full of my old Beanie Babies and then books that I mostly got from wonderful people at my baby shower. (I didn’t forget to blog on that, by the way. Still waiting on pictures from a secondary source!)

Can you tell how excited I am that her room is pretty close to complete? Her closet and dresser are full of clothes, we have diapers and wipes ready to go, and we’re just missing a few essential items like the changing pad and diaper genie.

I love, love, love how Baby Boothe’s room has really come together!

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  1. Wow! I absolutely love her room. I gave my kids my old stuffed animals and they are WILD about them. They seriously love them more than almost anything else. 2cm’s?!? That is excellent news! Also it isn’t fair how cute you look at 38 weeks.

    • Thanks Steff! I feel like a whale, so I appreciate the compliment. We also have tons of stuffed animals, and I figured as long as they’re in good condition, Baby will love them (and it won’t cost us extra… woohoo)! 🙂

    • Thanks, Carie! The desk is about my age… Actually, almost all the furniture is from my childhood bedroom. When we bought the house, my mom asked if I would want to have my old bedroom set, and so we moved it all down here. I thought it would be neat if my little girl shared it, too! 🙂