Okay, so I didn’t post daily, but I am still grateful for several things. But posting daily with a persnickety four month old just isn’t a realistic expectation. So here are some highlights of things from the past week or so that I have been so grateful for!

#1– I am so grateful for my “nerdy” husband. He’s seriously the best with technology. He helped me set up my blog, he takes care of all the techie things around the house. And he and one of our couple friends were able to get “Downton Abbey” Season 3 for us. And then the other wife (my friend Christy) and I got to have a Downton marathon while the husbands got to play with more technology. Life is good.

# 2– I am grateful every single day for the miracle of life. This time last year my daughter was just a little lentil-bean, and now she’s a healthy four month old baby who is completely where she should be in growth.

#3– This might go along with #2, but I am grateful for all those times my daughter doesn’t want to nap because she is so fascinated by the world around her. I am constantly amazed by how bright and intelligent Evie is. It constantly fascinates me whenever she smiles, laughs, or does anything new. I LOVE that little girl!

#4– I love our two dogs. they are adorable, and I love them so incredibly much! They are so fun and cuddly.

#5– (Last one for today!) I am grateful for the wonderful people who have donated to the “Evelyn Clothing Fund”.  We do not have to buy ANYTHING for Evelyn until she’s at least a year old, and even then we still have a good array of clothing for her. In fact, we have so many clothes from the 3 mo range that she’s not going to be able to wear everything more than once! It also makes me grateful that we don’t have to freak out with dramatic weather changes like this week- I just look through the clothes for the long sleeved outfits and we’re set! It’s incredible how much we have.

All right, I think I should stop for now (especially since who knows how much time I have left with Evie’s nap!) So I’ll leave you with another cute picture:

(And we didn’t buy a single item of clothing here. All were given/bought by others and given to us! So blessed!)

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  1. She is such a cutie. I’m jealous you got to watch Downton Abbey already. I’m sort of patiently waiting for it to come out on blu ray to watch it. Ughh.. not patiently is more like it!