The House Hunt!

The House Hunt!

Well, I know I go on spurts of writing and then not writing for a long time, but I’ve been actually really busy– if that’s a good excuse or not…

Anyways- the past weekend or two Jared and I have been meeting with a realtor and house hunting (Jared and I have been looking a lot on our own-more like “window shopping” so we knew what area we wanted and for what prices, etc). This weekend we spent hours actually looking inside houses and doing the walkthrougs and we found two we really liked, and one of those for a really good price….

After dinner, we went back this evening and did another thorough walkthrough with our wonderful and helpful agent, who has definitely been GREAT to work with. Shortly after that, we decided to put in an offer and see where this goes. We’ve been pre-approved and things are looking good on that end, but now we are playing the waiting game.

Keep you updated!

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  1. The waiting game is the worst part of the whole process. I’m so excited for you and Jared.