House Hunt- UPDATE!

House Hunt- UPDATE!

So….currently…. We have a contract! As long as nobody pulls out (*knock on wood*) we have gotten the contract for the house we want! I am so excited. Great price, good house size, seems well taken care of, and great yard! It’s in a really nice, beautiful neighborhood. It’s been quiet every time we’ve driven by on our own, at different times of the day… and there’s no homeowner association fees. 🙂

Pictures will be coming shortly!

I am so excited…. I was doing a happy dance in front of some of my coworkers today! They probably thought I was crazy…crazier than they already thought I was. 🙂

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  1. I’m SO excited for you!! Can’t wait to see the pictures! Do you know anything about the ward it’s in? Although, personally, I think you can be happy and comfortable in whatever ward you are in if you just “put yourself out there!” Congratulations! (Fingers crossed for luck…)

  2. Crazy,no way, who would think you were crazy? Maybe Crazy in Love, or Crazy Happy!