My little sicko: Month Five

My little sicko: Month Five

Today Evie turns five months old.

Despite her terrible cold and cough, she’s still looking pretty dang cute. Yesterday she had some pretty bad upset stomach issues (I’ll say it was related to mucous drainage and leave it at that) and we went to the doctor. They confirmed that the RSV had moved to her lungs and she has the baby version of bronchitis. Her oxygen levels were still pretty decent, so they didn’t do any breathing treatments on her, but they did try suctioning mucous from her nose and throat…. which Evelyn did NOT appreciate and let us all know. Loudly.

It’s been so hard to watch her be so uncomfortable. She still wants to be vocal, but you can tell her throat is sore and she just sounds so pathetic, especially when she cries. That’s resulted in a lot of holding her so she won’t cry, in large part because I can’t watch that go down. My arms have been getting a little sore.

When she first got up this morning, she seemed pretty yucky, but since about 10 she’s been seeming to do much better -eating without choking, less stuff from her nose and mouth, and less coughing- so I got her dressed up to do our monthly photo shoot. (Okay, she has pictures of her taken on a daily basis, but I don’t post the vast majority of those.)

(Imagine her saying, I’m looking pretty dang cute for how I feel, yo! Hmm. Or not.)

As a reward, and since she was pretty happy, I plopped her in her Excersaucer to play for a little while (sans sweater and bow) and she happily bounced and fiddled with things for a good 10-15 minutes before getting bored and wanting to be held.


Happy five months, sweet girl. Hope you get feeling better soon, because when you are so miserable it breaks my heart!

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  1. She is too cute! What an adorable baby. I’m sorry she’s been so sick!! She looks like she’s been a good sport though. And you are a brave mommy. I miss you and wish we could just meet somewhere in the middle, like Kentucky or North Carolina and catch up. Blogosphere will have to keep me informed until then!