Review: Waterproof Bible

Review: Waterproof Bible
Review: Waterproof Bible

If you ever wanted a book that could withstand the challenges of camping, rainstorms, bathtubs, or even babies, the Waterproof Bible by Bardin & Marsee Publishing might be for you.

I received this rather cute pink KLV Waterproof Bible (NT, Ps & Pv version) and was surprised by how much I liked this product. The pink, of course, was definitely a plus for me, but if you are looking for something you want to send your guys out camping with, they come in blue and camo, too!

The history behind it was that the creators were active outdoor adventurers, involved in a lot of camping, kayaking, and trips in snowy mountains, but often wouldn’t take their scriptures with them because they didn’t want them to be ruined by the rough outdoor conditions. So, the “Outdoor” Bible was born. Soon they realized that there wasn’t just a demand for the outdoor conditions, but even indoor (think- reading a book in the tub, anyone?), and hence the name change to the Waterproof Bible!

Some features of The Waterproof Bible include:

  • Extremely durable synthetic pages and binding
  • Stain Resistant (I tested it with cola and OJ successfully)
  • Ultra clear text
  • Size fits well in totes or purses
  • Works well with dry highlighters or ballpoint pens (no gel pens 🙁 )
  • Synthetic pages help create no bleed through
  • Floats in water
  • Comes in ESV, KJV, NIV, NKJV, NLT versions of the Bible

Okay, testimonial time. I had a hard time “testing” the product. Jared stayed home from work the day of the conference call with Bardin of Bardin & Marsee because I was pretty sick and needed help to take care of Evie, so he heard the call and asked what I have done with my WB … I hadn’t done much since it’s counter-intuitive for me to destroy books of any kind, much less the Bible! So, to “help out” he promptly took it and threw it into the backyard (as it was conveniently a rainy day!) and told me to get it in a hour or so.


This is after roughly 2 hours out in the backyard during a fairly heavy rainstorm.


After wiping out the pieces of grass that had been wedged into the pages and leaving it upright let the pages dry, the WB was in like-new perfect condition.

Evelyn also “helped out” by chewing on some of the pages, but I was happy to see that she didn’t manage to rip the pages or damage them (though, I am sure if she had really wanted to, she probably could have caused more damage… but she was happy to chew on the book. Happy day for all you with toddlers!)

Even though the product is a little pricey (Between $39.95-$44.95 for the full Bible, and $24.95 for the NT + Psalms and Proverbs versions), considering how incredibly durable this product is, I think it’s worth considering!

After reviewing this product, I have just one question:

When will all books start being made like this?

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