Chickens: We be chillin’, right here.

Chickens: We be chillin’, right here.

Well, it’s time for an update for our fine-feathered friends from the backyard.

Since the last time we talked about those featherbrained birds, we have gotten the grand total of ONE egg. Yes. Today, I am somewhat happy to announce that we received Egg #2.

SAMSUNG(From the same bird, it appears. just slightly larger than the last.)

I have a theory on why it took so long for her to produce again. To make a very long story short, I haven’t been letting them free-range for a while. They love being able to spend at least short amounts of time in the yard, so they were none to pleased with that arrangement. (It was for their own safety, but try telling a chicken that!)

Starting Tuesday this week, I let them out for very short amounts of time every day, and after returning from a lunching event, I was rewarded with that lovely little egg. All things considered, that was very encouraging.

As an extra reward, I let them out for extra time this afternoon. They were thrilled. As in, so thrilled that the most uptight of them all, the Warrior Princess, sprawled out the dirt and let me stroke her during her dust baths. I even got a little video of the cuteness!

Click here to watch the cuteness.


SAMSUNG(And please excuse my voice in the video… I guess that’s my sweet-talking-the-chickens voice. Let’s just pretend I don’t normally sound like that.)

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