Two completely unrelated but interesting articles

Two completely unrelated but interesting articles

Since I am a Texas school teacher–don’t judge me– I feel rather obligated to post this first article. I don’t really view my self as radically politically overly involved, but I am concerned when people talk positively about a certain Texan who would have himself be a U.S. President (the same man who is very responsible for hurting the education of thousands of Texas students for his own political gain).

Plus, this article is pretty funny. It starts with “If Rick Perry and George W. Bush had been born in the same family, W would have become known to friends as ‘the smart one.'”

To read “A Tale of Two Texans,” please click here.

On a MUCH more positive note, here is an article on why The Hunger Games is an awesome book for both boys and girls.

Still don’t believe me? Just ask my dad. The same guy who hasn’t read a book “for fun” in a really long time. While he and my mom visited in early August, I convinced him to try the book. Just read the first 70 pages, and if it wasn’t for him, he could put it down, and I wouldn’t pester him to read it ever again.

He didn’t even realize he had passed page 70 until I commented on it the next morning.

(The English teacher in me: 3 — Dad: 0. Why 3? Because in less than two weeks he had finished ALL THREE books in the series. So three points for me. Oh, yeah.)

So, to read up on why The Hunger Games will only be the next Twilight due to popularity, click here!

Who knows? With potential presidents like Perry out there, the dystopian world of The Hunger Games might be closer than we realize. Maybe these two articles were not wholly as unrelated as I originally thought…

And for heaven’s sake, if you haven’t already, go buy The Hunger Games and read it ASAP!


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  1. That is one interesting article. So sorry that Perry did that to the Texas teachers. There are other things I don’t like about him and am hoping he doesn’t become the prime nominee.