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Review: My Bedtime Story Bible

Review: My Bedtime Story Bible

It’s been a while since I have done a review, hasn’t it? I recently had the opportunity to join Zonderkidz new Z Blog Squad review team, and I am so glad that I decided to! 

My first book to review was My Bedtime Story Bible. For those of you with younger kids, this is a great way to review/introduce some of the more well-known stories of the Bible in the context of a child appropriate bedtime story.



  • Introduction features some ideas for using My Bedtime Bible Stories and personalizing the stories to make both the stories and this time spent with your child a little more meaningful.
  • 2-3 pages per story, so they aren’t too long before bed
  • 2-3 pages includes cute illustrations
  • Stories are appropriate for young children.
  • Stories focus on more peaceful, quieter moments of the scripture stories.
  • ”Tuck in” feature- at the end of each story, there is a special thought for you to discuss with your little ones or for them to think about as they fall asleep.


My Thoughts:

The illustrations are cute and well done, catching my energetic toddler’s attention for a few moments, which is quite the accomplishment. Both Evie and I have enjoyed the pictures. A lot of them feature stories in the Bible that include babies, so naturally, she loved pointing out all the little children and exclaiming, “Baby!” (Same for pictures that included various animals that she loves, like kitties, sheep, etc.)

I also love the “Tuck in” feature questions at the end of each short story. While Evelyn doesn’t quite get the questions as well now, I can see how they could be great before-bed talking points as she gets a little older. They are thoughtful and focus on child appropriate themes from these stories.

I also personally liked the introduction suggestions. Many days are long, and it’s easy to rush through to the finish line to get that much needed adult time. However, this a great reminder for me to not be distracted in those last moments before Evie goes down; it’s the last chance in the day to focus on my relationship with her and remind her how much she is loved.

And when everything is said and done, what is more important than that? 🙂


As a part of Zonderkidz new Z Blog Squad review team, I received a copy of the My Bedtime Story Bible exchange for an honest review.

“Baby Bargains”

“Baby Bargains”

So, first off, I would like to offer a public apology to my mother-in-law for the E.R. information in the last post. (Though I maintain what I said earlier on the phone that Jared was originally supposed to say something when he talked to you last…) So, sorry about that.

Moving on.

Pretty much the highlight of my life right now is getting things prepared for Baby Boothette’s arrival. It’s hard to focus or care about anything else right now. (That doesn’t sound too crazy, does it?) But those of you who have done this whole “having a kid” thing realize that it can get ridiculously expensive. Average crib prices are $400+, not including mattresses, bedding, etc. Strollers, monitors, carriers, car seats, clothes… it’s enough to make your head spin!

The guy who is essentially Jared’s “boss” (and just had his second child this past summer,) suggested some books to Jared. Naturally, we bought them. (Please refrain from any brown-nosing comments. Thank you.) So far, the most useful has been the book Baby Bargains.

My main complain with this book is the awkward size. It is really oddly shaped for a book- long and not very wide, combined with a good amount of pages that seems to stress the binding when you try to read the book. I know that sounds silly, but that really bothered me when I first started reading it. Fortunately, once you get past the awkwardness, the book is a treasure trove of information.

Example: Ikea cribs are some of the best deals you can get out there. Why spend $400-$700 for a crib when you can get the following for $119?

(We are going with a white crib because 1: We are having a girl. White girly furniture is just fine. And 2: My mom gave us all my white bedroom furniture when we bought the house. Meaning this crib will match perfectly with the girly stuff. Maybe one day our daughter can appreciate “vintage” furniture???)

So, we are pretty excited that this crib gets an “A” (excellent) rating for such a great price. Please note, according to the book, Ikea cribs are in the “good” section for cribs, but when you get to high chairs, they get a C+ (generally avoid) rating. So it’s not a simple blanket statement for brands, which is cool.

Not to be sacrilegious, this book has become our “Baby Bible.” There’s information, ratings, and charts for everything you could imagine regarding babies, broken down into smart sections, plus what the book reviewers say are their favorites (good, better, best). You even have parts like how many onesies and other outfits would you want to have for a new baby?

Just fabulous.

If I had to be sick, at least I was sick while reading this book, because I’ve been having way too much fun planning out everything for the baby!

(Oh, what have I turned into that this excites me so?)

Unlikely Friendships

Unlikely Friendships

I hate being completely alone. One, because my irrational mind hears and sees all sorts of things that aren’t really there but could turn into something you see in a horror movie. Two, because I’ve just gotten used to having my best friend with me the vast majority of the time. Even when he snores at 2:30 in the morning. 😉

The first trip I handled fairly well, and the same with the second. And I know that he’s been planning on this one for a while now, but three business trips in three months after years of NOT having to do those things… I just don’t like it.

Knowing how I was not looking forward to him leaving, Jared bought me a book that he knew would make me smile. He actually gave it to me two days ago, but he knew I would need something to help me through today, and especially tonight. And it is.

I mean, look at that picture right there. If that doesn’t make some part of you go “Awwww….” then there might just be something wrong with you.

This book has forty-seven stories of heartwarming bonds developed across species of animals. Some aren’t too weird, like between baby birds of different species. Others are surprisingly different, such as the lioness and the baby oryx, or the elephant and the stray dog.

Naturally, you can’t forget to include that ALL stories have cute, cuddly pictures involved. It’s just a feel-good book.

So, thank you, Jared, for leaving me a present that you know would help reduce my anxiety while you were gone. Just looking through it again has helped me feel so much happier. Yet again, another one of your thoughtful, simple gestures has become a highlight, the positive thought, for my day.

Two completely unrelated but interesting articles

Two completely unrelated but interesting articles

Since I am a Texas school teacher–don’t judge me– I feel rather obligated to post this first article. I don’t really view my self as radically politically overly involved, but I am concerned when people talk positively about a certain Texan who would have himself be a U.S. President (the same man who is very responsible for hurting the education of thousands of Texas students for his own political gain).

Plus, this article is pretty funny. It starts with “If Rick Perry and George W. Bush had been born in the same family, W would have become known to friends as ‘the smart one.'”

To read “A Tale of Two Texans,” please click here.

On a MUCH more positive note, here is an article on why The Hunger Games is an awesome book for both boys and girls.

Still don’t believe me? Just ask my dad. The same guy who hasn’t read a book “for fun” in a really long time. While he and my mom visited in early August, I convinced him to try the book. Just read the first 70 pages, and if it wasn’t for him, he could put it down, and I wouldn’t pester him to read it ever again.

He didn’t even realize he had passed page 70 until I commented on it the next morning.

(The English teacher in me: 3 — Dad: 0. Why 3? Because in less than two weeks he had finished ALL THREE books in the series. So three points for me. Oh, yeah.)

So, to read up on why The Hunger Games will only be the next Twilight due to popularity, click here!

Who knows? With potential presidents like Perry out there, the dystopian world of The Hunger Games might be closer than we realize. Maybe these two articles were not wholly as unrelated as I originally thought…

And for heaven’s sake, if you haven’t already, go buy The Hunger Games and read it ASAP!


Summer 2011 Books

Summer 2011 Books

This summer I have disappointed my goals of reading. I love getting into new series and finding great books, especially ones that I can share with my students. This summer hasn’t left a lot of time for that.

What I have read:

I had a Rick Riordan kick at the end of the year (since we read The Lightening Thief for a fun unit to end the school year). This kick included:

-The Red Pyramid (first time to read)

The Red Pyramid

-The Throne of Fire (book AFTER Red Pyramid, first time for me to read)

Throne of Fire

-Percy Jackson and the Olympians books 2-5 (I have read these…well, more than once or twice each!)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

-Then I have been itching to re-read the Fablehaven series, which I’ve gotten maybe 40 pgs into…(But it’s great. Like, if you are missing you some Harry Potter, this can almost fill the void in your life.)


I had the chance to sample a few new books:

Write Beside Them (For CTWP, so not necessarily for fun, but still good)

Write Beside Them

The Help (First time to read, totally recommend it)

The Help

I still want to read but haven’t been able to get myself started on for whatever reason:

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner

The Lost Hero

Lost Hero

And now, I realize, I have TWO WEEKS before I officially go back to the school year. And the best parts of my summers are being able to read new, fun books. And I don’t even know what I am looking for.

So that leads me to the question: Anybody have some good reads recently?

I want to celebrate the end of the summer in a good way. My niche is definitely fantasy and sci-fi, but as shown by my love for The Help, I am capable of falling in love with books other than that genre!