Still sick…

Still sick…

But I’m back, baby!

So, I felt SO much better today. Not 100%, by any means. But my head stuffiness was about 75% better, and I could breath, and mostly talk. So what did I do? I went to work.

And the amount of kiddos who acted excited to see me back was phenomenal. It was like I had been gone a whole week, not just one day. I was shocked. That plus the great gratitude they showed me for allowing them library time yesterday when I was out sick was astounding.

I’m really liking these kids as a whole. They are really sweet. I hope, against all odds, that they stay sweet seventh graders and don’t get that 8th grader attitude until the very end of the year. They are enthusiastic, positive, fun kids as a whole and I want to maintain and harness their positive energy!

Now here’s to hoping the cold isn’t moving from a head cold to a chest cold.

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  1. I hope you get 100% better soon. Moving from head to chest is nasty, so hope you get a pass on that.