Busy times!

Busy times!

Well, Christmas break was great, and certainly not long enough. Jared was amazing. He made Christmas day wonderful. He got me so many wonderful gifts, but the biggest surprise of all (literally and figuratively) was the digital piano he got me.
It plays and looks like an upright piano, but basically plugs in and is electric and all that. It’s so neat. I am quite rusty and am warming up again. It was such a big present… I felt so undeserving of the gift, but I have been trying to make use of it as much as possible!

Then the week of New Years, Jared’s family came down to stay with us and see Austin, kind of like what my family did for thanksgiving. It was a fun time to have them here, Sunday-Friday. We stayed at home a bit more, but still showed them a little around the town and our various work places. Naturally, Stevie worked his Iggy magic and they all loved him too, especially Jared’s dad. 🙂 We had a good time with them here, and we were sorry to see them go.

Since then, I’ve just been dealing with my headaches and school and grading. I took today off actually for a doctor’s appointment and I was hoping to get into some other stuff too, but I’ll just do some extra grading instead. Blech. Having the grading periods in six six week periods is really hard, instead of four 9 week periods. I like the 9 weeks better, personally. It doesn’t seem as rushed.

On the upside, tomorrow I am going to bring my camera to the school and take some pictures of my classroom with some of the projects the kids did for characterization- I think you will all be so impressed with my 7th graders!!!!!

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  1. I sure hope you can get some headache relief. It must be awful to deal with all the figurative headaches of first year teaching and have literal ones too! I’m excited to see your photos. Have a great day tomorrow! Love you!