Pictures update as promised…

Pictures update as promised…

So here we go. I am on some new medication and the doctor said specifically to take it in the morning, not at night, but that means weird side affects come on strongest during the middle of the day. So I am home sick during church again… I am hoping this will pass by Tuesday (hooray for 3 day weekends!)

As I was playing with the camera, I found some fun pictures other than the characters, so I am going to share those too. First up, some Christmas pictures!
What’s in the big boxChristmas CardsStockings over the fireplace

I bet you can’t guess what’s in that ginormous box that Stevie’s checking out. 🙂

Then…. The Truck! This is our new monster friend that I can hardly climb into (because it’s so large). Dodge Ram 1500 4×4. Guess Jared spent some quality time with it one day when I wasn’t paying attention to take these pictures. 😉
Big Truck FrontTruck Vs. Car

I like that second one so much because it looks like it is backing that naughty car up against the wall. 🙂

Lastly, my students’ projects. These are SO neat. I love these things. The pictures don’t show them as well as I had hoped they would, but take my word for it, most of these are so neat in real life, and are the size of real people. 🙂 The kids had to look up quotes on how their characters looked and passed those off to me BEFORE they could start on the character.
Meet Stargirl- Made with bulletin paper, colored pencils, and real cloth for her clothes (I love her- she might just be my favorite)

Then there’s Bella, from Twilight, drawn with pencils,

Then Annabeth, from The Lightning Thief (with REAL JEANS!!! LOVE IT!), Sunny, from Series of Unfortunate Events:
Annabeth and Sunny

Then Jacob Black, literally 6’5″ and very pretty. I told the girls they made him look so good I could almost kiss him!
Jacob Black

Then Jasper… and I love the details they did- I tried to do a close up of his arm (think of Eclipse, Twilight fans!)
Jasper Cullen Jasper’s Arm

Then couple of characters at once: Alice, (cloth clothes and yarn hair) from Twilight Saga; Massie (Cloth clothes and yarn hair) from The Clique Series; Tyson from The Lightning Thief Series, and Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter Series. And another Alice…
Alice, Massie, Tyson, DracoAlice

And last but not least, Gilderoy Lockhart, from Harry Potter. I love that they put glitter on his teeth to make his “gleaming smile,” as the quotes say. 🙂

Aren’t my kids so clever? Most of them did their best work. 🙂

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  1. I love the character project. I wish I had a project like that when I was in Jr. High. Your students are amazing!
    Gotta love “The Truck”!!!

    Aunt Sue (Phyllis’s Sister)

  2. What a clever idea for a project. Looks like the kids had a great time with it. I’m sure they LOVE having you for their teacher.

  3. Elisabeth! I just came across your blog. This is Meagan from ETS. How are you doing? My blog is How are you and Jared doing?