Bonsta Monsta strikes again!

Bonsta Monsta strikes again!

Bonnie is up to her old tricks. I learned awhile back that most valuables should not be left alone with her because she likes to chew on things (see here and here if you need reminders!). And so far, she’s been pretty good about not being the mass destroyer since Evelyn has arrived.

I mean, look at this girl:

Does she look like she is capable of mass destruction of items Elisabeth likes? (No, obviously not. I am MEAN and making this all up. LOOK AT THE GRIN IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS!)

Yesterday, Evie was showing signs of being tired (which involves a mass amount of being cranky as she tries to fight of sleeping… Sleeping is for all those WUSSY babies out there. TOUGH babies don’t need naps…), so like the good mother I am attempting to be, I went and put her down. And I actually got her to sleep in about 5 minutes, which is pretty good for her. I walk back into the family room where the dogs reside, and VOILA.



The sandal at the top is what both should look like. The shoe on the bottom is what happens after Bonnie had 5 minutes alone with the sandal.

Fortunately for Bonnie, they were only $10 sandals that we bought purely because of pregnancy-induced feet swelling, and most likely I can work some fix-it-up magic with a hot glue gun, but still. THAT DOG IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

Don’t worry–no dogs were injured in the de-making of this shoe. I did a close comparision between sandals and all the beads were still there. She just had fun pulling it apart without swallowing pieces… though if it had been 10 minutes alone with the sandals, who knows?

AND- speaking of injured dogs- Remember back in June when Stevie and Neighbor Dog tangoed and he somehow ended up in the E-Vet (TWICE?!) ? Yeah, fun times. The good news is that ugly wound is hardly noticeable anymore.

Can you see it?

No? Here’s a closer look!

Barely there! How awesome is that?

So life really is great. Bonnie DIDN’T swallow anything from destroying my footwear, Stevie looks like a handsome mansome dog again, and Evelyn slept the entire time I wrote this post and is only now starting wake up. I can’t complain!

Now if Jared would come home from work at a decent hour again… 😉


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