A Special Announcement, Part 2

A Special Announcement, Part 2

Friday, I told my students about my “big” news. I’ve struggled with whether to tell them or wait until it was so pathetically obvious that it just wouldn’t need to be said (except to a couple of seventh graders… some just don’t notice/think things through!). In the end, I felt I should tell them sooner than later, so I thought it would be fun to include it as a “bonus” question to their quiz. It looked something like this:

“This summer, an exciting thing your teacher will be doing is…
A) going to Disneyworld
B) going on an European vacation
C) having a baby
D) moving into a new house”

Before I showed the students the question at the end of their quiz, I had them swear that they couldn’t reveal it to the other classes until the end of the day (yeah, right. It was worth a try, though). I have rarely seen my students so excited to answer a question. After we finished grading the normal quiz questions, they were begging for the answer to the bonus question. Let’s just say I had to apologize to the teacher next door at the end of the day because of the exuberant noises emitting from my classroom when I revealed the answer was “C”.

Most of my students were very sweet. I did get lots of quick hugs from excited students, and lots of special requests and suggestions for baby names (which, surprisingly, were very similar to the names of the students suggesting them). There were a few favorite comments though:

Student 1: Can you name the baby [his name]?
Me: No.
Student 1: Then can I name the baby?
Me: No.
Student 1: Well, can I at least be the baby’s godfather?!
Me: No, but thanks for asking!

Another highlight situation:

As I reveal the bonus question to the class, the student stares intently at me for several seconds, then declares, quite sincerely,”Well, it’s not C!” A couple other students ask him why he says that, to which he responds, “Well, look at her!”
I am sure several of you could appreciate why somebody who is starting to show being pregnant and is uncomfortable with it would find that comment both sweet and amusing.

Overall, I was happily surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response and comments I received from my students, especially because it’s been such a difficult year and harder for me to bond with them. What a wonderful way to go into my weekend!

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  1. I would have given that kid an A, who cares how many questions he actually got right! And that right there is why I would not be a good junior high teacher.

    • Steff, it was tempting! But I think he did pretty well anyway, so he didn’t really “need” a bonus question. It was a pretty easy quiz to begin with. 🙂

  2. Cute! I’m glad they were excited for you. After you rule out the 300 names of the students you have taught, I hope you can still find one you like. 🙂

  3. That is so adorable, I remember when one of my teachers got engaged when I was in 7th grade, we were all so excited for her.