Lazy Weekend Recap

Lazy Weekend Recap

This weekend has been a four day weekend for me. Technically, it should’ve been only a 3 day weekend, but I missed work Friday due to a migraine that had just been getting worse and worse over the week. (One of those unexpected side effects of being pregnant- most migraine and pain medications are off limits. And sometimes, Tylenol just doesn’t cut it).

Despite the discomfort, this weekend has allowed me time to reflect how lucky I am. A couple of things that specifically come to mind:

1. I have an amazing, thoughtful, sweet husband who goes out of his way to make my life easier.

2. I have a wonderful home, and even though it’s not perfectly what I want it to be (who’s home ever is?), is more than I thought I would have at this time and place in my life.

3. I have two adorable dogs to cuddle with when I am feeling yucky/sleepy/frustrated/needing snuggles.

4. I have good friends and family members to spend time with and who truly care about me.

Case in point:

Exhibit A: Friday evening, I was feeling a little bit better (after sleeping most of the day), so Jared offered to take us out so I didn’t have to make dinner. We went to one of the better Mexican restaurants around here. It was packed and noisy, which started to make the headache come back, and I couldn’t eat too much. It was the third time we had tried eating there since we found out about Baby Boothe, and each time I come home on the verge of puking, so we decided we will try visiting there again in about 7 months or so. Jared felt bad, but I thought it was so sweet that he was just trying to make life easier for me.

Exhibit B: Saturday we did some errands. Jared even suggested we could go to Kohl’s and search for some clothes that will fit me a little better. (For somebody who has struggled with how I look and weigh for most of my life, it’s been a little challenging to accept the changes that are occurring around my midsection, even if they are for a good cause!) He even cheerfully bought me some of the clothes I tried on.

(Side note: I will say that so far, my favorite place with the best prices for maternity clothes has been Burlington Coat Factory. Found these great looking black pants with a comfy elastic waistband for $10! Score!)

Exhibit C: We had some friends come over Saturday night. I was getting the house cleaned up and Jared was upset that I wasn’t sitting and cuddling with the dogs. But I know how proud of our home he is, and to make sure it looks nice, it takes teamwork. And we had a great time when our friends came over. Even if we stayed up a little later than we previously wanted…After all,  I have a feeling that once Baby Boothe comes, time for friends will be a little more limited.

Exhibit D: All the extra things around the house Jared sneaks in. Like trying to help me with dinner last night, and cleaning up the entire kitchen. Or getting up with the dogs in the morning because Stevie doesn’t know how to sleep in. (After all, THE FOOD WON’T WAIT FOR HIM PAST 7:15! If we try to push it, he lovingly will jump on our heads and lick us until once of us gives in and feeds him. And with his dog breath, you might as well just not let it get to that point…)

I know that there’s more that I am forgetting with my sleepy brain, but at least there’s the general idea. So much to be grateful for in my life. Sometimes things like work overwhelm me, and I just need times like now to recenter and realize that the main things in my life that define me are not my career at school. It’s the things here at home that are the most important and meaningful to me.

So here’s to the best decision I’ve ever made in my life: choosing this great guy as my husband. 🙂

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  1. I have to say that, I think you made an excellent choice for a husband, and here is to four day weekends! Be looking in the mail in a week or so I am almost finished with my project.