“Baby Bargains”

“Baby Bargains”

So, first off, I would like to offer a public apology to my mother-in-law for the E.R. information in the last post. (Though I maintain what I said earlier on the phone that Jared was originally supposed to say something when he talked to you last…) So, sorry about that.

Moving on.

Pretty much the highlight of my life right now is getting things prepared for Baby Boothette’s arrival. It’s hard to focus or care about anything else right now. (That doesn’t sound too crazy, does it?) But those of you who have done this whole “having a kid” thing realize that it can get ridiculously expensive. Average crib prices are $400+, not including mattresses, bedding, etc. Strollers, monitors, carriers, car seats, clothes… it’s enough to make your head spin!

The guy who is essentially Jared’s “boss” (and just had his second child this past summer,) suggested some books to Jared. Naturally, we bought them. (Please refrain from any brown-nosing comments. Thank you.) So far, the most useful has been the book Baby Bargains.

My main complain with this book is the awkward size. It is really oddly shaped for a book- long and not very wide, combined with a good amount of pages that seems to stress the binding when you try to read the book. I know that sounds silly, but that really bothered me when I first started reading it. Fortunately, once you get past the awkwardness, the book is a treasure trove of information.

Example: Ikea cribs are some of the best deals you can get out there. Why spend $400-$700 for a crib when you can get the following for $119?

(We are going with a white crib because 1: We are having a girl. White girly furniture is just fine. And 2: My mom gave us all my white bedroom furniture when we bought the house. Meaning this crib will match perfectly with the girly stuff. Maybe one day our daughter can appreciate “vintage” furniture???)

So, we are pretty excited that this crib gets an “A” (excellent) rating for such a great price. Please note, according to the book, Ikea cribs are in the “good” section for cribs, but when you get to high chairs, they get a C+ (generally avoid) rating. So it’s not a simple blanket statement for brands, which is cool.

Not to be sacrilegious, this book has become our “Baby Bible.” There’s information, ratings, and charts for everything you could imagine regarding babies, broken down into smart sections, plus what the book reviewers say are their favorites (good, better, best). You even have parts like how many onesies and other outfits would you want to have for a new baby?

Just fabulous.

If I had to be sick, at least I was sick while reading this book, because I’ve been having way too much fun planning out everything for the baby!

(Oh, what have I turned into that this excites me so?)

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6 Responses

  1. Love the crib! It will look great with the furniture,and by the way vintage is in. The nursery is going to be so “cute”. I had to say that for Jared 🙂

  2. Wow! Where was this book when I needed it? What a great resource. Have fun baby shopping!

  3. i AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! At least you know you don’t have to have 2 of everything like Brian and Susan. Have fun. I must tell you about my baby shopping for my first and only girl. We had our car paid for the month before she was born so we had FIFTY DOLLARS to spend on baby clothes. I had been sewing for 6 or 8 months (baby dresses, diaper shirts, corduroy overalls etc) so had some things. Penney’s had a sale and we spent FIFTY DOLLARS shopping . It was such fun . I can still remember the pink jacket we bought at that sale.

    • I was able to go to a consignment sale not too long ago. WAY too much fun. Already bought all sorts of fun outfits for her… I am so excited to see how she will look in them! 🙂

  4. Did you know they have another book called baby 411? It is FABULOUS. My dad gives it to all his OBGYN patients because it is so good and it cuts down on the questions all new Mom’s have that are not medical emergencies. I packed all my baby books away except that one and Birth to Toddlerhood, the first five years. That second book is worth the ridiculous price, it is pretty much a textbook.

    • Steff, you will laugh. I bought it at the same time as the Bargains book and have been reading it off and on for the past few weeks. LOVE it! 🙂