Preggo Pics

Preggo Pics
Preggo Pics

Today I was wearing one of my favorite pregnancy outfits, a nice skirt (much worn from being a hand-me-down before I used it all through Evie’s pregnancy, and now BBv2.0’s, and green shirt I found secondhand as well. It made me wonder how, size-wise, the two pregnancies look different, especially because this little boy is making me feel SO HUGE. I don’t remember feeling this big with Evie as early on.

To help the comparision, I took a picture from 6 days before Evelyn was born, and where I am today (roughly 2.5 months left!).



^^June 22, 2012^^    and      ^^April 20, 2014^^

Yup. While I am definitely a little bigger being 6 days away from Evie’s birth date, I still think I am reaching that size and fast which this little boy! He feels so much bigger to me, too. Guess we’ll know if I’m right when he actually makes his debut!

I’m not big on pregnancy pictures, but I thought it would be fun to do a side by side comparison.

Oh, and Happy Easter! I should probably do a post soon on how Easter #2 went down for sweet Evie girl. She’s had a lot of people love on her today but she’s pretty sick, so once we’re all feeling a little bit better (cuz when baby’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy here!) I will post some of the pictures we took today.

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