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9 months, Easter, and Evie

9 months, Easter, and Evie

It’s a sobering thought when your first little person has now spent more time OUTSIDE of you than in you!  But our sweet Evelyn turned 9 months old last Thursday.

I know. She was not a fan of her pictures. But she has three more months of these photoshoots before I stop, so she’ll just have to deal accordingly.

(Sorry for the lateness of the pics, btw. Between me being sick -AGAIN- and family in town, I was taking life day by day!)

The past month or two, she’s developed this intense/excited look. It’s kind of like she really wants to say something and is super excited, but she just can’t get the words out. Here’s an example of it in photo- it’s cuter in person, though.

Grandma K. was here while the hubster was away being a judge at a FIRST Robotics regional competition, and Grandma K. made sure that Evelyn was a spoiled little girl and helped us splurge to get her some lovely things. I don’t think I’ve gotten myself new clothes since Evelyn was born, but I can’t stop myself finding cute things for her! (Grandma also helped us with getting our yard and garden back on track, but that can be a later post!)

We also got to celebrate Easter with Evie, and the best part was seeing my little girl look like a perfect angel in her Easter dress.

Straight from heaven, right? I cannot believe how lucky I am to live this wonderful life. Evelyn brings us all so much joy! I feel like my heart must have grown three sizes or more when she was born, and I wasn’t even that “Grinchy” to begin with!

Okay, before I get too sappy, I wanted to share Jared’s Easter basket. Since he loves zombie flicks and lately has been all about “The Walking Dead” and the zombie apocalypse, I saw these and had to special order them for his Easter basket.

Ever-changing appreciation

Ever-changing appreciation

I found out this morning that one of my dear friends lost her father last night. It was a big shock to the whole family. My whole heart goes out to them right now.

This is one of those times that it’s really hard for me to be over one thousand miles away from where I grew up. A huge part of me wants to be able to give my friend a huge hug and help her out any way I can.

Another big part of me wants to be back in my childhood home and give both my parents a ginormous hug and let them know how much I love them, in a way that you just can’t convey through texts, emails, or phone conversations.

It’s funny to look back now at my own relationship with my dad. We definitely had some very rough patches that may or may not have had anything to do with those crazy hormonal teenage years. But I have really grown to appreciate my relationship with him as I have gotten a bit older and have had some wonderful moments and conversations with him that I wish the 14 year old version of me could have foreseen.

It’s even more amazing to me how much my relationship with both my parents has improved since Evelyn was born.  There is nothing like knowing the love you feel for your own child to put the whole picture in better perspective.

Here’s one of my favorite pictures from my wedding. Jared and I are not in it. It’s my dad, after the Daddy-Daughter dance at our reception, after her made me cry and then he had to go sit down. It always makes me tear up a little remembering that moment.

(My parents don’t regularly check my blog, so he MIGHT not find out that I posted this on the internet for everyone to see. If he does, he’ll still love me anyway. 😉 )

So, after much reflection throughout today, I just wanted to publicly say that I love you, Mom and Dad.

Thanksgiving Recap 2012- Wah wah.

Thanksgiving Recap 2012- Wah wah.

Sometimes life throws curve balls at us. Other times, it feels like life drove our car into a concrete wall at 60 MPH, and then, for good torture measure, gave us a paper cut and poured some lemon juice on it.

I’m feeling a little more like the second right now.

Our Thanksgiving was supposed to be awesome. Jared had the whole week off from work. His sister was coming in; we hadn’t seen her in a year, and she’d be meeting Evelyn for the first time. We were getting our foster dog (more on that in a later post!). We were going to take Evelyn to see Santa at the local mall, even!

It all started to go downhill when Jared got a bad cold. He started feeling under the weather Thursday or Friday of the previous week. He then had to chaperone a church youth dance that Saturday night, and by Sunday, he was pretty miserable. Sarah, his sister, was supposed to get in around 7 PM Sunday evening… but due to a bizarre airport switcheroo/delay, didn’t make it until midnight.

Monday we had to take my car into the shop for some problems. So, the only car available to us was Jared’s monster truck, and the only person who is vaguely comfortable with driving that beast on the road was Jared, who by this time was pretty much holed up in our room with a heating pad stuck to his head to help relieve the pressure. So, we stayed home and watched a lot of TV and played with Evelyn. Wednesday my car finally became available again, but all of us were feeling kinda off (except Jared, who had finally given in and gone to the doctor, who diagnosed his sinus and two ear infections and gave him antibiotics, so he was starting to move and interact like a human again…). So we didn’t do anything.

Thanksgiving was good, except for the “offness” continuing. Even Evelyn was showing slight signs of feeling unwell with a little cough. We decided to keep an eye on it, because it wasn’t like the doctor’s office was going to be open on Thanksgiving.

Despite that, I made a pretty good dinner, if I may say so myself. We tried brining a turkey for the first time. I am not sure how effective that was, but hey, it was a new thing. We had a delicious cranberry fruit salad, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, and with the leftover cranberries, I even made my first attempt at cranberry sauce for the turkey! (It was actually pretty decent for a rough experiment.


After going into a Turkey coma, Friday showed us that Jared, despite his attempts to prevent it, had been kind enough to share his germs with the rest of us. Including Evelyn. Going to the pediatrician showed that she did indeed have RSV, a cold variant that is more dangerous for infants because it likes to get down into the chest, which can cause bronchitis or pneumonia. Poor baby was not feeling well.

(By the way, it is never fun to be told that you might have to take your baby to the ER over the weekend if she starts having a hard time breathing due to this virus. And, even though she’s miserable, you can’t give her anything. And, Mom, btw, you can’t take anything either since it could affect her feeding.

Sarah rallied the troops by taking us out for dinner (which was very sweet, considering how incredibly boring hosts we were and the fact that Jared got her sick) that evening, which was good because by Saturday, we were all down for the count.

Now THAT is an exciting Thanksgiving, wouldn’t you say?

Okay, despite the sarcasm, it really was a good visit, and Evie loved getting attention from her Aunt Sarah. They had some sweet cuddling sessions! Hopefully it won’t be another year before we see her again, because she is pretty dang cool. As if Evie’s onesie could lie.

Anyways, I guess the moral of this story is families share a lot, which is good, except when it’s germs. Then you are welcome to keep them to yourself. Next time Jared is sick, we’ll lock him up in the office room and install a doggie door to slide meal trays and medicine under until he is feeling well again.

Just kidding, dear. Kind of.



Okay, so I didn’t post daily, but I am still grateful for several things. But posting daily with a persnickety four month old just isn’t a realistic expectation. So here are some highlights of things from the past week or so that I have been so grateful for!

#1– I am so grateful for my “nerdy” husband. He’s seriously the best with technology. He helped me set up my blog, he takes care of all the techie things around the house. And he and one of our couple friends were able to get “Downton Abbey” Season 3 for us. And then the other wife (my friend Christy) and I got to have a Downton marathon while the husbands got to play with more technology. Life is good.

# 2– I am grateful every single day for the miracle of life. This time last year my daughter was just a little lentil-bean, and now she’s a healthy four month old baby who is completely where she should be in growth.

#3– This might go along with #2, but I am grateful for all those times my daughter doesn’t want to nap because she is so fascinated by the world around her. I am constantly amazed by how bright and intelligent Evie is. It constantly fascinates me whenever she smiles, laughs, or does anything new. I LOVE that little girl!

#4– I love our two dogs. they are adorable, and I love them so incredibly much! They are so fun and cuddly.

#5– (Last one for today!) I am grateful for the wonderful people who have donated to the “Evelyn Clothing Fund”.  We do not have to buy ANYTHING for Evelyn until she’s at least a year old, and even then we still have a good array of clothing for her. In fact, we have so many clothes from the 3 mo range that she’s not going to be able to wear everything more than once! It also makes me grateful that we don’t have to freak out with dramatic weather changes like this week- I just look through the clothes for the long sleeved outfits and we’re set! It’s incredible how much we have.

All right, I think I should stop for now (especially since who knows how much time I have left with Evie’s nap!) So I’ll leave you with another cute picture:

(And we didn’t buy a single item of clothing here. All were given/bought by others and given to us! So blessed!)

Four Months of Evelyn

Four Months of Evelyn

On Sunday, my baby girl turned four months old.


Look at that little girl chunking up. I absolutely adore her growing thighs and cheeks. And this is the only time of life that a double chin looks cute, right?

Anyways, I am a little late in posting because I am getting it back together after Jared’s parents visited us for a week. It was a good visit- Evie got a lot of attention and love from the grandparents, for sure!

Grandma brought Evie some cute little home-made toys.

I can’t remember what they are called, exactly, but they make a fun little crinkly sound when folded/smooshed. Evelyn has enjoyed them… mainly by trying to grab them and then crinkling them all up in her mouth. That girl. Anyways, I love the little stitching details around the edges- very cute!

We also spent most of Monday trying to get supplies for another project Grandma wanted to do.

This was the finished result of that activity. I don’t know how people manage to get good handprints and footprints of their children at this age. Mine kept curling her toes all up and wiggling as we tried to get her feet on the plate. After a half hour or so of trying to get a good print, we just settled for these. Evie was getting fed up with the whole process and needed a bath to calm down.

Great idea, with a calm, easy going child. Evelyn… she’s a special case.

Anyways, each month brings something new and exciting with this little girl, and I am so blessed to have her in my life. She still is Queen of Cat Naps and All Things Persnickety, but she gets more and more fun by the day. I love her to bits and pieces!